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List of Monarchs of Helluland (Leifsbudir)

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This is a list of the monarchs of Helluland.


P Period of rulership
I Independent period
C Regency council
R Interregnum
M Union with Markland
V Union with Vinland
V Vassal of Vinland

List of Monarchs

P Name Portrait Reign Marriages Title

Leif the Explorer

(970 - 1020)

Leif Ericson statue in Milwaukee 1003 - 1020 Thorgunna Jarl of Helluland

Thorfinn Karlsefni

(9?? - 1041)

Thorfinn Karlsefni 1918 1020 - 1037 Freydís Erikdotter Jarl of Helluland
I Thorfinn I Ironhand

(9?? - 1041)

Thorfinn Karlsefni 1918 1037 - 1041 Freydís Erikdotter King of Helluland

Haakon I Ironshield

(1001 - 1075)

Viking-statue 38971 1041 - 1075 Astrid Olofdotter King of Helluland

Sigurd I Oakbeard

(1053 - 1107)

Sigurd of Helluland 1075 - 1107 Astrid Haralddotter King of Helluland

Sweyn I Brokenshield

(1088 - 1123)

Coat of Arms of the Kings of Helluland 1107 - 1123

Freydís Olofdotter

Gyrid of Markland

King of Helluland

Saint Thorfinn II

(1098 - 1141)

Coat of Arms of the Kings of Helluland 1123 - 1141

Ingerid of Grønland

Astrid of Skræland

Holy King of Helluland

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