The following is a list of Monarchs of Great Britain in the Monmouth Dynasty timeline. This list begins in 1603, when the Act of Union united England and Scotland into Great Britain. This list differs from that of OTL only since 1685. Also note that the term United Kingdom is not used in this timeline.

House of Stuart (1603-1649)

  • James I (James VI of Scotland) (1566-1625) reigned 1603-1625
  • Charles I (1600-1649) reigned 1625-1649

Commonwealth (1649-1659)

  • No monarch (Parliamentary rule) 1649-1653
  • Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) reigned 1653-1658 as Lord Protector
  • Richard Cromwell (1626-1712) reigned 1658-1659 as Lord Protector

House of Stuart (restored) (1659-1685)

House of Monmouth (1705-1834)

House of Hesse-Beyruth-Schlassen (1834-1860)

House of Hess (1860-1934)

House of Buckingham (1934-)

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