The current monarch of Denmark is Christian X, who reigned since 1912. At various times, the Monarch of Denmark have got control over the thrones of Sweden (1397 - 1523), Norway (1397 - 1814) and Iceland (1918 - 19?? and 1946 - present).

Christian X

The full title of Christian X is By the Grace of God, His Majesty King Christian X of Denmark, Iceland, the Wends and the Goths, Duke of Schleswig, Holstein, Stormarn, Dithmarschen, Lauenburg and Oldenburg. During the reign of him, Denmark suffered both World Wars. In World War I he was successful to keep Denmark independent using trade deals with Norway and Sweden. In World War II, he continued to reign while Denmark was occupied. He was the only monarch to stay in his or her nation when the nation was in the Axis, as Queen Wilhemina of the Netherlands, King Leopold III of the Belgians and Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg all fled from their nation during occupation.

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