This list is NOT a numbers game! This list determines upon government spendings, foreign reserves, nuclear reserves and military vehicles available and sea/land capabilities.

Flag Country Armed Men in Service
Flag of the Soviet Union 1. Soviet Union 200,212,213
Flag of the United States 2. United States 164,222,232
Flag of the People's Republic of China 3. China 749,224,242
Hindu Flag 4. India 615,201,057
Flag of Pakistan 5. Pakistan 101,214,000
Flag of Indonesia 6. Indonesia 121,231,241
Flag of the Philippines 7. Philippines 85,322,135
Flag of Vietnam 8. Vietnam 83,211,212
Flag of Malaysia 9. Malaysia 78,224,123
War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army 10. Japan 43,213,212
Flag of North Korea 11. North Korea 40,231,211
Flag of South Korea 12. South Korea 37,225,321
Flag of Weimar Republic (defence minister 1919) 13. Germany 40,123,322
Flag of Portugal 14. Portugal 4,232,122
Flag of Greece 15. Greece 5,322,122
450px-Flag of Greek Macedonia svg 14. Macedonia 4,221,241

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