This is a list of members of Swedish governments since the institution of prime ministry. This list is incomplete, and a work in progress. However, so far, the following members of government has been revealed:

Prime Minister

1876-1880 Baron Louis De Geer

1880-1883 Count Arvid Posse

1883-1884 Carl Johan Thyselius

1884-1888 Robert Themptander

1888-1889 Baron Gillis Bildt

1889-1903 Count Oscar Bernadotte

1903-1918 Arvid Lindman

1918-1950 Count Gustaf Mannerheim

1950-1965 Baron Bertil Ohlin

1965-1970 Yngve von Holmberg

1970-1981 Gösta Bohman

1981-1986 Ulf Adelsohn

1986- Count Carl Bildt

Vice prime minister

1950-1954 Urho Kekkonen

1999-2003 Bo Lundgren

2003- Baron Fredrik Reinfeldt

Treasurer of the realm (riksskattmästare)

1990's Anne Wibble

Secretary of industry

2006- Maud Olofsson

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