Maharaja of Sikh Empire
Former Monarchy
First monarch Ranjit Singh (1799–1839)
Last monarch Sultan Singh (1902–1932)
Official residence Lahore Fort
Appointer Hereditary
Monarchy started 7 July 1799
Monarchy ended 2 April 1932

The maharajas of the Sikh Empire were members of the Sukerchakia dynasty. Under these maharajas the Sikh Empire came to dominate the regions of India and Central Asia, as well as parts of Greater Iran. The first maharaja of the Sikh Empire, was Ranjit Singh, who claimed the title and formed the Sikh Empire by capturing the historic capital of the Punjab, Lahore, and successfully united the various small Sikh states, known as misls, of the Sikh Confederacy under one ruler. The empire began to meet it's demise under Sultan Singh. Although Sultan Singh greatly expanded the size of the empire in order to have the Panj Takhts under Sikh sovereignty, he broke many alliances and created many enemies doing so. He also expanded the empire in expense of the living conditions of his people, which greatly increased the popularity of the Communist Party of Khalistan, and it's leader Bhagat Singh, who would a lead a successful communist revolution, creating the Union of Kisani Socialist Republics, and bring an end to the Sikh Empire and it's monarchy. After the revoultion, the maharaja was executed, and his family exiled to Germany, an ally of the now fallen empire. Their descends returned to the Punjab after the fall of the Union of Kisani Socialist Republics.

List of maharajas

Maharajahs of Khalistan
Number Image Name Reign Lived
1 Maharajah Ranjit Singh (Ranjit SIngh Lives) Ranjit Singh 12 April 1801 – 27 June 1839 13 November 1780 – 27 June 1839
2 Maharajah Kharak Singh Kharak Singh 27 June 1839 – 5 November 1860 22 February 1801 – 5 November 1860
3 Maharajah Nau Nihal Singh Nau Nihal Singh 5 November 1860 – 6 November 1902 11 February 1820 – 6 November 1902
4 Maharaja Sultan Singh (Raj Karega Khalsa) Sultan Singh 6 November 1902 – 13 April 1932 8 August 1876 – 15 April 1932

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