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King of Louisiana
Wappen Wiesbaden

Jeroen Dijsselbloem 2013-1
Louis V
since May 10, 1998

Heir apparent: Francois, Prince Royal
Formation: December 25, 1771
Residence: Palais des Rois, New Orleans

The Monarchy of Louisiana are the de facto rulers of Louisiana, first created after the Louisianans won the War of Louisianan Independence against Spain in 1770. For almost two years after Louisiana became a sovereign stateFrancis de Gaston, Chevalier de Levis, a prominent military commander during the Independence War, was recognised by Parlement as the de jure King of Louisiana. However, Lévis died of unknown causes in August 1771, and the Marquis de Vaudreuil was elected as the de facto King of Louisiana, and officially coronated on Christmas Day, 1771.

House of Vaudreuil

Originally after the War of Louisianan Independence ended in favor of the Louisianan rebels, Francis de Gaston, Chevalier de Levis was named as King of Louisiana in the original Louisianan Constitution, which was ratified in early 1771. Lévis arrived in New Orleans in March of that year and was officially proclaimed the de jure King of Louisiana by Parlement in March 10, 1771. However, Lévis was never officially coronated, meaning that he never officially served as King of Louisiana. After his death in August of the same year, an election was held in Parlement, and Marquis de Vaudreuil, a former Governor of French Louisiana held the majority of votes and won by a landslide, officially being coronated on Christmas Day of the same year.

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Succession right

Pierre I
December 25, 1771

August 4, 1778

Marquis de Vaudreuil

November 22, 1698
Quebec, New France
son of Philippe de Rigaud Vaudreuil and Louise-Élisabeth de Joybert

Louise de Montigue
February 18, 1733
3 children

August 4, 1778
New Orleans
aged 79

Was elected by Parlement

Pierre II
Pierre Louis Jacques
August 4, 1778

November 16, 1799
OlderPittThe Younger
July 30, 1739
Trois-Rivières, New France
son of Pierre I and Louise de Montigue
Louisa Augusta Greville
March 15, 1772
1 child
November 16, 1799
Baton Rouge
aged 60
Son of Pierre I

Louis I 
Pierre Louis Guillaume Frédéric
November 16, 1799

May 23, 1832

Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex by Guy Head

March 19, 1777
New Orleans, Louisiana
son of Pierre II  and Louisa Augusta Greville

Louise of Hesse
December 21, 1795
4 children

May 23, 1832
New Orleans
aged 55

Son of Pierre II

Louis II
Louis Alexandre Charles
May 23, 1832

August 7, 1866

Willem III (1817-90), koning der Nederlanden, Nicolaas Pieneman, 1856 - Rijksmuseum

January 20, 1801
New Orleans, Louisiana
son of Louis I and Louise of Hesse 

Ludovika of Bavaria
June 14, 1829
no children

August 7, 1866
Palais des Rois
aged 65

Son of Louis I

François I
François Charles Pierre
August 7, 1866

December 22, 1905

Franz Joseph 1865

December 31, 1837
Sainte Pierre, Louisiana
son of Prince Maximilien and Mary Crossfeld

Angeline FitzGeorge
March 19, 1871
5 children

December 22, 1905
aged 68

Grandson of Louis I

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