This is a list of politicians currently holding seats on the Senate of the Republic of England as of 1 January 2012.
Affiliation Members Note
Freedom Party Freedom Party   13
Social Democrat Party Social Democrats   10
Flag of Baden The Liberals   8
The Greens The Greens 1
Total 32


Office Party Officer State Since
President of the Senate  The Liberals HallFiona Fiona Hall Northumberland Tyne 2009
Speaker of the Senate Freedom Party Ken clarke Kenneth Clarke Nottingham Derby 2007

Governor (Freedom) leadership

Office Officer State Since
Chairman of the Governor Senate David Cameron Buckingham Oxford 2010
Governor Whip Patrick McLoughlin Lincolnshire 2010
Vice-Chairman of the Governor Senate Angus Poole Cheshire 2012
Governor Policy Committee Chairman William Hague North Yorkshire 2010
Governor Conference Secretary Ken Hampton Isle of Wight 2012
Governor Campaign Committee Chairman Nikki Sinclaire West Midlands 2010

Opposition (SDP, Liberals & Greens) leadership

Office Party Officer State Since
Opposition Leader Social Democrats Duncan Fellows


Opposition Chief Whip Liberals Lorraine Rice Devon 2002
Opposition Conference Chairman Social Democrats Jack Straw Lancashire 2010
Opposition Policy Committee Chairman Social Democrats Vera Baird East Riding 2012
Opposition Conference Secretary Greens Adrian Ramsay East Anglia 2012
Opposition Campaign Committee Chairman Liberals Chris Huhne Hampshire 2008


State Name Party Since Age Religion
Northumberland Tyne HallFiona Fiona Hall The Liberals 2004 57 Unknown
East Riding VeraBaird Vera Baird Social Democrats 2010 62 Unknown
Merseyside David Miliband David Miliband Social Democrats 2001 47 Atheist
Durham Tees Local 01 temp-1349766310-5073cca6-620x348 Stuart Sultan Social Democrats 1994 53 Roman Catholic
North Yorkshire William Hague 2010 William Hague Freedom Party 1998 51 Unknown
South Yorkshire Edward Samuel Miliband 2010 Ed Miliband Social Democrats 2005 43 Atheist
West Yorkshire Edballs Ed Balls Social Democrats 2005 45 Unknown
Nottingham Derby Ken clarke Kenneth Clarke Freedom Party 1977 72 Unknown
Northampton Rutland Edward garnier Edward Garnier Freedom Party 1997 60 Roman Catholic
Lincolnshire Patrick mcloughlin Patrick McLoughlin Freedom Party 2000 55 Unknown
Warwick Hereford Peter luff Peter Luff Freedom Party 1997 57 Unknown
Staffordshire Nick clegg Nick Clegg The Liberals 2007 45 Atheist
West Midlands Nikki sinclaire Nikki Sinclaire Freedom Party 2009 44 Unknown
East Anglia Adrian ramsay Adrian Ramsay The Greens 2012 30 Unknown
Bedford and Herford David laws David Laws The Liberals 2001 47 Unknown
Essex Geoffrey van orden Geoffrey Van Orden Freedom Party 1999 67 Unknown
Inner London Justine greening Justine Greening Freedom Party 2012 43 Anglican
Outer London Simon hughes Simon Hughes The Liberals 2002 61 Anglican
Buckingham Oxford David cameron 361693a David Cameron Freedom Party 2001 46 Anglican
Surrey & Sussex Niranjan deva Niranjan Deva Freedom Party 1999 64 Roman Catholic
Hampshire Chris huhne Chris Huhne The Liberals 2005 57 Unknown
Isle of Wight Ken hampton Mahdi Boulos Freedom Party 2010 46 Sunni Islam
Kent Ultan o rinn Ultan Ó Rinn Freedom Party 2007 53 Atheist
Wiltshire Stroud Vince cable Vince Cable The Liberals 2005 69 Roman Catholic
Somerset & Dorset David heath David Heath The Liberals 1997 58 Unknown


Lorraine rice Lorraine Rice The Liberals 2010 42 Atheist
Cumbria Duncan fellows Duncan Fellows Social Democrats 1992 62 Unknown
Cheshire Angus poole Angus Poole Freedom Party 2001 49 Unknown
Greater Manchester Philip sienkiewicz Louise Sienkiewicz Social Democrats 1997 46 Unknown
Lancashire Jack straw Jack Straw Social Democrats 1979 66 Anglican
Gibraltar Fabian picardo Fabian Picardo Social Democrats 2011 40 Unknown
Overseas Territories Ewart brown Ewart Brown Social Democrats 2006 66 Unknown

Past senates