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This is a list of Lieutenant governors of the Commonwealth of Susquehanna. There have been four Lieutenant Governors of the Provisional Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and two Lieutenant Governors of the Commonwealth of Susquehanna.

Provisional Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in Susquehanna (1991-2005)

Name Term Political Party Notes
Robert E. Belfanti Jr. 1991-1994 Democrat Succeeded Provisional Governor Bradley
Ted Stuban 1994-1999 Democrat Only Lt. Gov. not elected to Gov. position
John Gordner 1999-2004 Republican
Lou Barletta 2004-2005 Republican

Commonwealth of Susquehanna (2005-Present)

Name Term Political Party Notes
Lou Barletta 2005-2010 Republican Reelected
Tim Holden 2010-Present Republican Incumbent

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