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The following is a List of Leaders of the Confederate States of America. The list has been divided into five parts: the President's of the First Confederacy (1858-1946); Military Government (1946-1952); President of the Democratic Confederate States (North CSA, 1949-1997); President-Chairman of the Gulf States Confederation (South CSA, 1952-1997); and President of the Second Confederacy (1997-present).

First Confederacy (1858-1946)

The First Constitution of the Confederacy stated that Presidents are to serve 5 year terms, but are allowed to serve multiple terms. Jefferson Davis, chosen by the Congress as first President, was the only one not elected, and at first served an abbreviated 2 year term until 1860 when the first election was held, which he won. Later Sam Rayburn of the Liberty Party would make elections moot, as he won in 1935, and banned all opposition parties soon after.

Military Government (1946-1952)

Democratic Confederate States (North CSA, 1949-1997)

Gulf States Confederation (South CSA, 1952-1997)

Second Confederacy (1997-Present)

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