The Emperor of Mexico (Spanish: Emperador de México) was the Head of state and ruler of Mexico during the First, Second, and Third Mexican Empire beginning with the proclamation of Agustín de Iturbide as emperor following the Mexican War of Independence May 19, 1822. The monarchy in Mexico would be overthrown three times and restored twice in total, before ending with the deposition of Maximiliano II on the April 26, 1989 by Mexico's economic collapse.

Picture Name Born-Died Reign Start Reign End Notes
Iturbide Emperador by Josephus Arias Huerta Agustín I September 27, 1783 - July 19, 1824 1822 1823 First Emperor of Mexico, he formed a political and military coalition that liberated Mexico City, and was acting regent for the Vicroy of New Spain during the Mexican War of Independence against Spain. He left Mexico when heavy opposition to the monarchy grew as Mexico's resources continued to deplete.
X-Large Portrait of Maximiliano Maximiliano I July 6,1832 - June 19, 1867 1864 1867 Emperor of the Second Mexican Empire. He and his wife adopted members of the imperial family of the first empire. He was deposed and later executed after the French withdrawal from Mexico by pro-republican forces.
Agustin de Iturbide y Green Agustín II April 2, 1863 - March 3, 1925 1919 1925 First emperor of the Third Mexican Empire. He was made emperor by German troops occupying Mexico after World War I.
Marada Josefa de Iturbide y Mikos Marie February 29, 1872 - September 11, 1954 1925 1954 She is the only female monarch in Mexican history and allied Mexico with the Axis Powers in World War II. She did her best to ensure Mexico was an independent ally and not a puppet of Germany's.
Maximiliano II November 9, 1907 - September 26, 1994 1954 1989 The last Mexican monarch in its history. He lead Mexico into an economic ruin which caused a communist revolt and his deposition in 1989.

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