Presidents of the German Union (1815-1850) - Emperors of Austria
Portrait Name Dates of regime
1 Franz_I_1804-1835.jpg Franz I of Austria 1815-1835
2 Ferdinand_I_1835-1848.jpg Ferdinand I of Austria 1835-1848
3 Franz_joseph_1848-1916.jpg Franz Joseph I of Austria 1848-1850


Flag of the Northern Germany

Presidents of the Northern German Union (1850-1906) - kings of Prussia
Portrait Name Dates of regime
1 Friedrich_Wilhelm_-_1861.jpg Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia 1850-1861
2 Wilhelm_I_%281861-1888%29.jpg Wilhelm I of Prussia 1861-1888
3 FriedrichIII_%281888%29.jpg Friedrich III of Prussia 1888
4 Wilhelm.jpg Wilhelm II of Prussia 1888-1906


Flag of the German Empire

Emperors of the German Empire (1906-1910)
Portrait Name Dates of regime
Wilhelm.jpg Wilhelm 1906-1910

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