The following is a list of casinos past and present operating in Las Vegas, Nevada or the general vicinity.

Las Vegas Strip

All casinos on the Las Vegas Strip listed north-to-south by geographic side of strip.

Tangiers Hotel and Casino

Stardust Hotel and Casino

Kyoto Hotel and Casino

Planned in 1994 and opened in 1997 after a lengthy construction delay, the Kyoto Hotel and Casino was one of many themed hotels opened in the mid-1990's, and is designed to have a Japanese motif, designed to look like a Japanese castle (in particular Himeji Castle). One of the largest casinos on the strip upon its opening, the Kyoto opened a shopping district known as the Samurai Shopping Quarter on an adjacent northern property owned by its builder, International Resorts, in 2002. The Kyoto features two swimming pools, seven world-renowned restaurants (including the first Belushi's opened in Vegas), an all-sushi buffet, and three theaters (the 1,000 seat Kabuki for music and comedy acts, the 300 seat Tokugawa Lounge, and the open-air Shogun Theater, which seats between 600 and 1,200 people). In 2011, Kyoto announced plans to renovate the Shogun Theater and part of its Shopping Quarter to build a 12-screen Regal Entertainment movie theater.

Due to the success of the Kyoto, in 2006 two new towers were opened at the eastern end of the casino called the Honshu and Kyushu Towers as an expansion. In 2011, the strip mall previously located immediately south of the Kyoto was demolished and a second expansion, the Nagasaki Tower, was added along with upscale retail and additional gaming space, and a new skybridge across Kyoto Avenue connected the resort with the Hotel Nevada.

The Kyoto is located on the northeast corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Kyoto Avenue. Across Kyoto Avenue, it is connected to the Hotel Nevada by a skybridge. It is connected to the Hollywoodland Hotel and Casino via skybridge across the Strip, and is neighbored on the north by the Czar's Palace, with which it is connected over a service alley by a skybridge.

Flamingo Hotel

Westminster Royal Hotel and Casino

Opened in 1997, the Westminster Royal Hotel and Casino, often referred to as the Westminster, is a themed luxury resort south of the Camelot and north of the Blackbeard on the west side of the strip. Themed after London, its façade is modeled upon the Houses of Parliament and includes a life-size replica of the Big Ben clock tower.

Czar's Palace Hotel and Casino

Hollywoodland Hotel and Casino

Founded by executives of the Edison Film Company on the 50th anniversary of the studio's founding in 1961, the Hollywoodland is the oldest casino still in operation in the Las Vegas strip. When the Edison Films was acquired by Dooley Brothers in 1979 the staff of the casino managed to spin off the casino into the Hollywoodland Corporation. The casino is themed after the Golden Age of Hollywood, with a life-size replica of the iconic Hollywood sign in its earliest incarnation.

Camelot Resort and Casino

Blackbeard's Hotel and Casino

Sky High Hotel and Casino

Planned in 1997 and opened in 1999, the Sky High Hotel and Casino holds two towers that tower over the Las Vegas Strip, and they're both connected by an skywalk. The top of Tower One holds one of the four swimming pools, and has an basketball court and running track that laps around the building. Tower 2 holds an small amusment park and an bungee jumping attraction. The theme of the bottom structure is space and 50's, the bottom structure supports the two towers, as well as holding three swimming pools. The designer of the towers wanted the towers to be taller, but McCarran Internation Airport was to close for it. The casino does have an darkside, since it opened in 1999, more than five people have jumped to their deaths. The casino is the last building on the Strip and towers over Downtown Las Vegas.

The Tops

The Tops, built in 2002, and opened in 2001, is an megacasino based on the 1960's and 1970's, with an hence of 80's and 90's theme. The building has 566 rooms on an 45 story tower, with smaller masions built to sides. Due to the size of casino, it was planned and built an few hundred feet from the Las Vegas Blvd, and is as large as the City Center Complex under construction.


The Luxor Hotel and Casino is a pyramid-shaped hotel and casino located at the south of Las Vegas . Its elevators run on an incline up the side of the casino. It is connected to the Tops via walkway, and has an iMax theater in the middle, which is designed like an ancient Egyptian building. It has an swimming pool outside, but the workers suggest going to the Tops for swimming. The Luxor also has the world's biggest flashlight, which can be seen from Primm, Goodsprings, or Mesquite, Nevada.

Downtown Las Vegas and Other

The Frontier Hotel and Casino

Atomic Wrangeler

The Atomic Wrangeler is a 1950's themed casino and hotel located farther north of the Las Vegas Strip. Due to its adult entertainment and other adult events, has led to the Las Vegas City Council considering it no children under the age of 18 allowed. It has a rooftop pool and a theater, it can hold up to 500 guests in its 800 rooms across the building.

Former Casinos

Desert Hotel and Casino

Small World Hotel and Casino

Canyons Hotel and Casino