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List of Kirges (Leifsbudir)

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The Krige is the head of the Krysskirism.

Hereditary Kirges

The first kirges were the founder of the religion. Leif Eriksson gave the title to his son, and the title was hereditary for five generations.

Elective Kirges of Helluland

Erling I gave the title to his close friend Thorfinn. Thorfinn was the King of Helluland, and he wanted to give the title to his own heirs, and, eventually, to his relatives, the kings of Markland (he was cousin of Cnut the Peaceful). But the title became a possession of the Hellulandish crown, an elective monarchy. In this time, the Kings of Helluland used the title of Holy Kings and the treatment of His Royal Holiness.

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