The Royal House of Washington

With the election of George Washington as the first King of the United States in 1789, the first Royal Household Name took his surname.

# Name Birth Reign Begins Consort Death
1 George I February 22, 1732 April 30, 1789 Queen Martha (Dandridge Custis) December 14, 1799

The Royal House of Lee

Because George I had no natural children of his own, and the last of his step-son died during the Revolutionary War, George I turned to an old friend and war colleage, Henry Lee III, known as 'Light Horse Harry' during the war. His name was placed in nomination with the death of George I in 1799 by the congress and he was confirmed the following year. The Royal House Name took his own, as the Royal House of Lee.

# Name Birth Reign Begins Consort Death
2 Henry I January 29, 1756 December 14, 1799 Queen Anne (Hill Carter) March 25, 1818
3 George II November 8, 1798 March 25, 1818 Queen Lucy (Penn Taylor) March 21, 1871
4 George III March 8, 1848 March 21, 1871 Queen Louise (Caroline Alberta Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) February 18, 1916
5 Henry II July 9, 1849 February 18, 1916 Queen Lillian (Elizabeth Ashdown-Vanderbilt) August 1, 1923
6 Matilda March 23, 1889 August 1, 1923 William, Duke of Abercromby July 30, 1959

The Royal House of Abercromby-Lee

Princess Matilda married William James Thompson-Abercromby in 1914 and became the Duchess of Abercromby. When her father, King Henery III died in 1923, she was nominated and became the first (and to date only) Queen Regent of the United States. When she died in 1959 her second son, Prince George Henry, became King George IV. As the last of the Lee males had died in 1923, the new Royal Household name became Abercromby. King George IV changed the name to Abercromby-Lee in 1976 to honor his family heritage.

# Name Birth Reign Begins Consort Death
7 George IV December 18, 1919 July 30, 1959 Queen Margaret (Reed Thompson McCullough) August 26, 2009
8 Matthew May 4, 1979 August 26, 2009 none Incumbent

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