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List of Kings of the Netherlands (Lithuanian Russia)

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Portrait Name Dates of reign Dynasty Notes
1 Frederick I (-1632) Frederick I 1621-1632 Palatinate
2 Karel I Lodewijk (1632-1680) Karel I Lodewijk 1632-1680
3 Karel II (1680-1684) Karel II 1680-1684
4 Wiliem I (1684-1702) Williem I 1684-1702 Orange-Palatinate
5 10. Dafydd the Rash Karel III 1702-1727
6 Lodewijk II(1725-1752) Lodewijk II 1727-1754
7 Karel IV(1752-1785) Karel IV 1754-1785
8 Karel V(1785-1808) Karel V 1785-1808
9 Lodewijk III(1808-1850) Lodewijk III 1808-1850
10 Karel VI(1850-1896) Karel VI 1850-1896
11 445px-Gaston Count of Eu Frederick II 1896-1922
12 Willem II (1922-1940) Wiliem II 1922-1940
13 HendrickI(1940-1981) Hendrick 1940-1981
14 WiliemIII(1981- Williem III since 1981

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