Pugh Coat of Arms

The title, Emperor of Great Brython, King of Wales, is the highest title of nobility in all of Great Brython, and is the simplified title of the Sovereign of the Brythonic and Albanic Isles. He is the Head of State. He inherits his position from his father (or other close relation) in Wales's Male-preference Cognatic Primogeniture laws and customs .

The official title of the current Emperor of Great Brython is: 

His Imperial Majesty, the 'Emperor Madoc IV of Great Brython

Lord Protector of the Blessed Brythonic and Albanic Isles,

King of Wales, the Netherlands, and Scotland,

Great Stadtholder of the Dutch Nations,

Defender of the Holy Welsh-Roman Catholic Faith,

and Sovereign High Commander of the Order of the Leek.

List of Kings

A list of Kings of Wales since the re-establishment of the Kingdom in 1450.

Name Dynasty Reign Span Lifespan Notes
Gavin I Pugh 1450-1455 (5) 1389-1455 (66)

"the Restorer"

Madoc I Pugh 1455-1476 (21) 1409-1476 (67) In Exile
Arthur I Pugh 1476-1487 (11) 1439-1487 (48) In Exile
Madoc II Pugh 1487-1521 (34) 1460-1521 (61) In Exile
Evan I Pugh 1521-1546 (25) 1495-1546 (55) In Exile
Madoc III Pugh 1546-1559 (13) 1520-1559 (39) In Exile
Evan II Pugh-Teague 1559-1604 (45) 1520-1604 (84) "the Blessed"
Arthur II Pugh-Teague 1604-1641 (37) 1585-1662 (78)
Gavin II Pugh-Teague 1641-1695 (54) 1620-1695 (75)
Gavin III Pugh-Teague 1695-1729 (34) 1676-1729 (53) "the Great"
Arthur III Pugh-Teague-Stuart 1729-1762 (33) 1699-1762 (63) "the Navigator"
Evan III Pugh-Teague-Stuart 1762-1767 (5) 1740-1767 (27) "the Cruel"

Pugh Dynasty

The Pugh Dynasty, which began most notably under Gavin I "the Restorer" was a wealthy trading dynasty in English-held Wales in the 1400s. They had a notable claim to the Welsh throne that was passed from King Llewelyn "the Great"'s great-great-grandson, Owain Lawgoch.

Llewelyn "the Great"'s claim to Wales in turn came from King Gruffydd ap Llewelyn, who was the great-great-grandson of Hywel the Good.

Teague and Stuart Branches

While in political exile from Britain in France, King Madoc III fell in love with a Cornish noblewoman, Milisandia Teague. She was the daughter of the Duke of Cornwall, and granddaughter of then King of England. The Royal Wedding caused a decent amount of chaos in England, and led to Evan II "the Blessed" being able to retake Wales.

During Gavin III "the Great"'s campaign to expand Wales, which led to the establishment of Great Brython under his son, Arthur III "the Navigator," he began to court Queen Agnes Stuart of Scotland. Scotland had recently been declared independent of Scandinavia, and the Stuart crown had recently regained its Kingdom. Agnes and Gavin fell in love, and the Pugh-Teague-Stuart line has since inheritted the Crowns of Wales and Scotland, with the heir apparent holding the title of Duke of Cornwall. 

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