Portrait Name Dates of reign Dynasty Title Notes
1 Gustav I (1523-1560) Gustaf I 1523-1560 Royal house of Vasa King of Swedes, Goths and Wends
2 Erik XIV (1560-1568) Erik XIV 1560-1568
3 Юхан III Johans III 1568-1592
4 Юхан IV Johans IV 1592-1618
5 Johan V Johans V 1618-1632
6 Karl IX (-1611) Karl IX 1599-1611 Royal house of Östergötland anti-king
7 Axel Oxenstierna(-1654) Axel I 1632-1654 Royal house of Oxensierna
8 Johan VI Oxenstierna Johans VI 1654-1657 Aristocratic Republic
9 Магнус II Magnus II 1657-1686 Royal house of De La Gardie

Gustaf II Adolf

11 Axel II 1695-1710
12 Magnus III Magnus III 1710-1747
13 Hedvig Hedvig Katarina 1747-1800
14 FriedrichI(-1840) Frederick I 1800-1840 Royal House of Hohenzollern
15 KARLX(1840-1877) Karl X 1840-1877
16 FrederickII(1877-1885) Frederick II 1877-1885
17 KarlXIJohans(1885-1831) Karl XI Johans 1885-1909

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