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List of Kings of Spain (The Legacy of the Glorious)

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This is a list of the Kings of Spain.

Regnant kings and queens

House of Trastámara

  • Isabel I La Católica (1474-1504)
    • Fernando V El Católico (1475-1504) (jointly with his wife Isabel I)
  • Juana I La Loca (1504-1555)
    • 1504-1506: in name, with her husband Felipe I.
    • 1506-1516: in confinement, with Regent Archbishop Cisneros.
    • 1516-1555: in confinement, with her son Carlos I.

House of Habsburgo

  • Felipe I El Hermoso (1504-1506) (on behalf of his wife, Juana I)
  • Carlos I (1516-1556)
    • 1516-1555: jointly with his mother, Juana I.
  • Felipe II El Prudente (1556-1598)
    • Also King of Portugal since 1581 as Filipe I
    • Also King of Naples, King consort of England and Ireland and Duke of Milan.
  • Felipe III El Pío (1598-1621)
    • Also King of Portugal as Filipe II.
  • Felipe IV (1621-1665)
    • Also King of Portugal until 1640 as Filipe III.
  • Carlos II El Hechizado (1665-1700)
    • Died heirless.

House of Bourbon

  • Felipe V (1700-1724,1724-1746) (returned to throne after Luis I's death)
  • Luis I (1724) (his death forced the return of his father, Felipe V)
  • Fernando VI (1746-1759)
  • Carlos III (1759-1788)
  • Carlos IV (1788-1808) (renounced to the crown in favor of Napoleon Bonaparte)
  • Fernando VII El Deseado (1808) (renounced to the crown in favor of his father)

House of Bonaparte

  • José I (1808-1813) (given the crown by his brother Napoleón after the Abdications of Bayonne)

House of Bourbon (restored)

  • Fernando VII El Rey Felón (1814-1833)
    • Restored after the end of the Spanish Independence War, reigned during the Trienio Liberal (1820-1823) and the Década Ominosa (1823-1833)
  • Isabel II (1833-1868)

House of Hohenzollern

  • Leopoldo I (1870- ) (incumbent)

Claimant Kings and Queens of Spain

House of Habsburgo

  • Charles of Austria as Carlos III (1700-1714)
    • Only accepted in the Crown of Aragón, became Holy Roman Emperor as Charles VI, lost all claims after the Treaty of Utrecht.

House of Bourbon

Isabeline Branch

  • Isabel de Borbón as Isabel II (1868-1870)
  • Alfonso de Borbón as Alfonso XII (1870- )
    • Claimed the Crown when he returned to Spain during Hohenzollerns' War, exiled when all French troops were expelled from Spain.

Carlist Branch

  • Infante Carlos, Count of Molina, as Carlos V (1833-1845)
    • Started the First Carlist War (1833-1839), renounced in favor of his son Carlos.
  • Carlos, Count of Montemolín, as Carlos VI (1845-1861)
    • Son of Infante Carlos, nearly married Queen Isabel II in 1845, provoked the Second Carlist War (1845-1847), deceased of typhus.
  • Juan, Count of Montizón, as Juan III (1861-1868)
    • Brother of Carlos, Count of Montemolín, developed liberal tendencies, renounced in favour of his son Carlos.
  • Carlos, Duke of Madrid, as Carlos VII (1868- )
    • Tried to gain favor from Napoleon III, causing the split of Carlism, with majority supporting Leopoldo I during the Hohenzollerns' War.

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