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List of kings of Scotland (Chaos)
Name Reign Comment
Bruce kings of Scotland
Robert / Raibeart I 1306-29 nicknamed "the Bruce"
David / Daibidh II 1329-66 seems not to be the historical one
Robert / Raibeart II 1366-1405
David / Daibidh III 1405-39
David / Daibidh IV 1439-54
David / Daibidh V 1454-90 had to flee to Norway
Plantagenet kings of Britain and the Quadruple Monarchy
Richard IV 1487-89 Conquered Scotland, unified it with England
Richard V 1489-92
Edward V 1492-1547 inherited the crown of Castille-Portugal, forming the Quadruple Monarchy;

started the Occidental Schism, leading to the Great Occidental War

Union with England broken, "Prince Alasdair" returns the Bruce dynasty
Alexander / Alasdair IV 1547-88 Grandson of Daibidh V. Also king of Ireland, Scandinavia, Poland and Roman king of the HRE.
Alexander / Alasdair V 1588-1605 also king of Ireland
Christian 1605-28
Estates Republic 1628-94, followed by conquest by England
Stafford kings of Britain, incl. Scotland
Humphrey III 1694-1766
Humphrey IV 1766/67
Humphrey V 1767-1825 Dragged the country into the French Republican Wars
Philip 1825-38 Toppled and killed in the Second English Civil War
Declaration of the republic

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