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John III 1521 - 1555 Son of Emmanuel I Catherine of Spain
Louis I 1555 - 1579 Son of Emanuel I Vicência of Braganza
Manuel II 1579 - 1603 Son of Louis I Mary of Hungary
Edward II 1603 - 1622 Son of Emmanuel II TBA
John IV 1622 - 1639 Son of Edward II TBA
Peter II 1639 - 1641 Son of John IV Never married
Alfonso VI 1641 - 1675 Son of Edward II

Elizabeth I of England

John V

1675 - 1684 Son of Alfonso VI Never married
Regent: Queen Elizabeth I of England (1675 - 1678)

Regent: Queen Dowager Juliana of Orange (1678 - 1684)

Edward III 1684 - 1711 Son of Alfonso VI TBA

Regent: Queen Dowager Juliana of Orange (1684 - 1691)

Regent: Prince Sebasitan of Portugal (1691 - 1694)

In Making ...

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