List of kings of Portugal (Chaos)
Name Reign Comment
Burgundy kings of Portugal
Afonso III 1248-79
Diniz I 1279-1325
Afonso IV 1325-44 seems not to be the historical one
Fernando I 1344-55 deposed because of unspeakable cruelty
Diniz II 1355-67
Pedro I 1367-1420
Pedro II 1420/21 nephew of Diniz II
Interregnum / Portuguese Civil War 1421-27

Castillian kings

Pedro III 1427-35
Pedro IV 1435-97
English kings
Duarte I 1497-1549
Duarte II 1549-55
Henrique II 1555-82
Henrique III 1582-1620
Henrique IV 1620-28
Linhares dynasty
Miguel 1628-42 acquires Olivenca
Fernando II 1642-57
Manoel 1657-94 died 1716 in French exile
Spanish kings
Heitor I 1694-1737
Heitor II 1737-68
Heitor III 1768-72
Francisco I 1772-84
Declaration of the republic

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