Portrait Name Dates of reign Dynasty Title Notes
1 Przemysl II Przemysl II 1295-1296 Piast King of Poland
2 WaclawII Waclaw II 1300-1305 Premyslid King of Poland, king of Bohemia
3 Wenzel3 Waclaw III 1305-1306 King of Poland, King of Bohemia, King of Hungary abd Croatia
4 Wladyslaw Lokietek Wladislaw I Elbow-High 1320-1333 Piast King of Poland
5 Kazimierz III Wielki Kazimierz III The Great 1333-1370
6 Ludwik Wegierski Ludwik I The Hungarian 1370-1382 Angevin King of Poland, King of Bohemia, King of Hungary and Croatia
7 Matejko Jadwiga Jadwiga 1384-1386 King of Poland
8 Владислав Ягайло Wladislaw II Jagiello 1386-1434 Jagiellon King of Poland, Grand prince of Lithuania and Russia
9 Владислав Варнерчик Wladislaw III Warnenczyk 1434-1444 King of Poland, King of Hungary and Croatia
10 Казимир Kazimierz IV 1444-1492 King of Poland
11 Владислав IV Wladislaw IV 1492-1516 King of Poland, King of Bohemia, King of Hungary and Croatia
12 Людовик Ludwik II 1516-1535
13 Сигизмунд Zygmunt I The Old 1535-1548
14 Сигизмунд Август Zygmunt II Augustus 1548-1572
15 Генрих Валуа Henryk 1573-1589 Valois King of the Three Nations, Holy Roman Emperor Elected kings
16 Николай Радзивилл Mikolaj 1589-1603 Radzivil King of the Three Nations, King of Russia and Lithuania
17 Иван Радзивилл Jan I 1603-1620
18 GabrielBethlen Gabor 1620-1629 Bethlen de Iktar King of the Three Nations
19 Иржи Jerzhy 1629-1640 Hohenzollern King of Three Nations, Margrave of Brandenburg, Duke of Prussia
20 Johann Georg I Saxony(-1656) Jan II 1640-1656 Wettin King of Three Nations, Elector of Saxony
21 Johan Georg II Johann Fink, vor 1675(1656-1680) Jan III 1656-1680
22 1647 Johann Georg(1680-1691) Jan IV 1680-1691

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