Syagrian Dynasty

Ruler Reign
Aegidius I c. 457-464
Syagrius I 464-486

Prior to Aegidius' appointment as magister militum per Gallias by the Emperor Majorian, the territory of Lyonesse was an integral part of the Western Roman Empire proper. For its rulers then, see List of Roman emperors and Praetorian Prefects of Gaul.

Gallia Lugdunensis was conquered in 486 by Clovis I of the Salian Franks, becoming the Neustrian part of the Merovingian realm.

Merovingian Dynasty

Ruler Reign
Clovis I 486-511
Chlothair I 511-558
Chilerpic I 561-584
Chlothair II 584-613
Dagobert 634-640
Clovis II 640-643

Merovingian rule over Neustria effectively ended with the death of King Dagobert at the Battle of Castras and the dismemberment of his realm. Clovis II was overthrown a few years later by the Visigoths and fled to the Frankish homeland.

Caesarius, a member of the native Gallo-Roman aristocracy, was installed as a client king subject to Spain.

Syagrian Dynasty (restored)

Ruler Reign
Caesarius 643-650
Victorinus 650-672
Syagrius II 672-689
Centumalus 689-712
Aegidius II 712-718
Postumus 718-749
Aegidius III 749-754
Aegidius IV 754-775

During this time Lyonesse was little more than a client kingdom of Spain. From the mid-8th century onwards it once more came under pressure from the Franks, eventually being conquered by Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor.

Carolingian Dynasty

Ruler Reign
Charles I 775-814
Louis I 814-840
Charles II 843-877
Louis II 877-879
Louis III 879-882
Carloman II 879-884
Charles III 884-888
Odo 888-898
Charles IV 898-929

After the death of Louis I, the Holy Roman Empire was divided and Lyonesse once more became an independent kingdom. The last Carolingian king, Charles IV, ceded the throne to the Norseman, Rollo, in exchange for peace.

Norman Dynasty

Ruler Reign
Rollo 929-931
Guillaume I 931-942
Richard I 942-996
Richard II 996-1026
Richard III 1026-1027
Robert I 1027-1035
Guillaume II 1035-1087
Robert II 1087-1134
Henri I 1134-1135
Guillaume III 1135-1168
Henri II 1168-1185

Angevin Dynasty

Ruler Reign
Henri III 1185-1189
Henri IV 1189-1208
Louis IV 1208-1226
Philippe I 1226-1270
Louis V 1270-1314
Jean I 1314-1322
Henri V 1322-1328

Jersiais Dynasty

Ruler Reign
Richard IV 1328-1377
Ambrose I 1377-1399
Guillaume IV 1399-1413
Ambrose II 1413-1425
Fátime 1425-1461

Under the Jersiais, Lyonesse briefly entered into a personal union with Arvor and Prydain. Guillaume IV divided his lands between his two sons, with Prydain going to the elder, Aneirin, and Arvor and Lyonesse going to Ambrose II. This allowed Lyonesse to gradually absorb Arvor and eventually annex it.

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