King of Yucatán
Rey de Yucatán
Yucatan coa
Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Yucatán
Monarchy abolished

Style: His Majesty(name),The King of Yucatán and Mayas
Heir apparent: Luis Pablo Pakal Alfonso Del Bosque, Prince of Cancun
First monarch: Pakal I. (only monarch)
Formation: 6 November 1964(Conquest of Yucatan)
Titles: King of Yucatán, King of Mayas,Governor of Yucatán, Archduke of Chichén Itzá etc.

King of Yucatán had to be highest authority of Kingdom of Yucatán. But, the king was subordinate to President of Central American Federation (C.A.F.), because kingdom was established as puppet state of C.A.F. in November 1964. In that case, president of C.A.F. had a obligation to crown Yucatán King. It was done just once, by military president, which crowned Governor of Yucatán on king Pakal I. on 6 November 1964. In ongoing Central American War, between Mexico and C.A.F., Pakal I. had to support C.A.F. On 29 June 1966 was capital Mérida conquered by mexican army and king had to abdicate and abolish the monarchy.

The laws of king were controlled by Constitution of Yucatán, officially by Constitution of C.A.F. for puppet states (COFPS).(C.A.F. has wanted to make another puppets during the war.) King could for example name his own ministers, but with agree of C.A.F. government.

However was Pakal I. just puppet king, he has wanted after war start gradually with gaining independence for Yucatán.

Portrait Name Reignspan Lifespan
Pakal I. 6 November 1964-

29 June 1966

1 December 1909-

15 May 1979

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