The following is a list of rulers of the Kingdom of Italy.

Kingdom of Naples

Portrait Name
Reign Marriages Notes
House of Anjou (1266-1382)
Palazzo Reale di Napoli - Carlo I d'Angiò Charles I
1266 -
7 January 1285
Beatrice of Provence
(31 January 1246)
seven children

Margaret of Burgundy
(18 November 1268)
one child

Won the crown of Sicily as a Papal fief and by conquest from the Hohenstaufen dynasty
CarloII Charles II
7 January 1285 -
5 May 1309
Maria of Hungary
fourteen children
Son of Charles I of Naples.
Roberto Robert
5 May 1309 -
20 January 1343
Yolanda of Aragon
two children

Sancha of Majorca
(July 1304)
no children
Son of Charles II.

Inherited the crown in the absence of his nephew, Charles Robert, who was busy claiming Hungary.
Joan I Joanna I
20 January 1343 -
12 May 1382
Andrew, Duke of Calabria
one child

Louis I of Naples
(20 August 1346)
two children

James IV of Majorca
(26 September 1363)
no children

Otto, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen
(25 September 1376)
no children
Daughter of Charles, Duke of Calabria.

Inherite] the crown from her grandfather Robert.

Dethroned by Pope Urban VI in 1381, conquered by her cousin, Charles, Duke of Durazzo, and eventually strangled in prison.
Louis of Taranto Louis I
26 May 1362
Joanna I of Naples
two children
Husband of Joanna I and grandson of Charles II.

Proclaimed king in right of his wife.
House of Anjou-Durazzo (1382-Present)
Kis Karoly TK Charles III
12 May 1382 –
24 February 1386
Margaret of Durazzo
(February 1369)
3 children
Son of Louis of Durazzo, great-grandson of Charles II and adopted son of Joanna I.

Conquered Joanna and eventually had her strangled in prison.
His rule was contested by Louis I of Anjou. Inheriting the Hungary, he was eventually murdered at Visegrád.
Ladislaus Ladislaus 24 February 1386 -1389

Son of Charles III.II

Kingdom of Italy

Portrait Name
Reign Marriages Notes
House of Anjou-Durazzo (1382-Present)
Ladislaus Ladislaus 24 February 1386 -1389

Son of Charles III.II
House of Habsburg (-1749)
Philip II of Spain Philip I
Philip III of Spain Alejandro I
Diego Velázquez 044 Juan I
(1576- ?)
AnthonisvanDyck-Umkreis Alejandro II
Juan Jose de Austria Manuel I
Philip IV of Spain Cristo I
Carlos II of Spain Juan II
1697 - 1749

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