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List of Kings of Kingdom of France (The Kalmar Union)

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Grand Royal Coat of Arms of France

Coat of Arms of France

The Kings of France (as opposed to the Kings of Francia) are generally dated from the rule of Hugh I Capet.

From this point onwards, despite occasional succession crises the crown has been kept within the various branches of the Capet dynasty, though Salian law was abandoned in the mid-12th century.

The title of King of Francia is still occasionally used. More often the title Duke of Orleans is used, mainly to avoid confrontation with the other French realms that do not consider the Kings of France their overlord.

House of Capet
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Hugh I Capet Hugh I France (The Kalmar Union) (987-996)
Robert II Robert II France (The Kalmar Union) (996-1031)
Henry I Henry I France (The Kalmar Union) (1031-1060)
Philip I Philip I France (The Kalmar Union) (1060-1108)
Louis VI Louis VI France (The Kalmar Union) (1108-1137)
Philip II Philip II France (The Kalmar Union) (1137-1145)
Robert III (1145-1147)
Adele (1147-1154)
Simon (1154-1156)


Robert IV (1156-1170)
Louis VII (1170-1181)
Charles IV (1181-1201)
John I (1201-1210)
Charles V Charles V (The Kalmar Union) (1210-1225)
Louis VIII (1225-1229)
Philip III (1229-1258)
Catherine I Catherine I France (The Kalmar Union) (1258-1264)
House of Capet (Orleanais)
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Louis IX (1264-1302)
Louis X (1302-1328)
Louis XI Phil6france (1328-1359)
Hugh II Philip V of France (1359-1364)
John II Karel V van Frankrijk (1364-1388)
Philip IV Couronnement de Charles VI le Bien-Aimé (1388-1414)
House of Capet (Berry)
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
John III (1414-1453)
Louis XII Jorg Breu Sr Tournament (1453-1482)
House of Capet (Orleanais)
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Henry II Bataille d'Agnadel (1482-1519)
John IV John IV of France (The Kalmar Union) (1519-1548)
Louis XIII (1548-1591)
Henry III (1591-1619)
Charles VI Charles VI France (The Kalmar Union) (1619-1647)
Charles VII Charles VII France (The Kalmar Union) (1647-1690)
Charles VIII Charles VIII France (The Kalmar Union) (1690-1702)
Catherine II Catherine II France (The Kalmar Union) (1702-1735)
House of Capet-Darmstadt
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Charles IX (1735-1759)
Louis XIV (1759-1802)
Louis XV (1802-1834)
Charles X (1834-1866)
Charles XI (1866-1887)
John V (1887-1925)
Charles XII (1925-1973)
Charles XIII (1973-)

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