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The Kings and Queens of Arles are usually dated from its inclusion within the Holy Roman Empire however the Kingdom of Arles is in effect a continuation of the Kingdom of Burgundy, founded in the 4th century.

In 1263 Frederick III divided the Hohenstaufen realms (D. of Burgundy, K. of Arles, K. of Sicily) between his three sons. After Conrad of Sicily's death in 1268 Burgundy and Arles began an exhaustive struggle for dominance. This would largely allow 'Upper' Burgundy and Swabia to drift out of either entity's grasp and disintegrate into minor counties and imperial cities as emperors from other dynasties attempted to undermine Hohenstaufen authority.

House of Salian
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Conrad II
Henry III
Henry IV
Henry V
House of Supplinburger
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Lothair III Lothair III HRE (The Kalmar Union) (1125-1137)
House of Hohenstaufen
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Conrad III (1138-1152)
Frederick I Frederick I HRE (The Kalmar Union) (1152-1190)
Henry VI Henry VI HRE (The Kalmar Union) (1190-1197)
Philip of Swabia (1199-1208)
Otto of Brunswick Otto IV HRE (The Kalmar Union) (1208-1215)
Frederick II Frederick II HRE (The Kalmar Union) (1212-1250)
Conrad IV Seal of Conrad IV of Germany (1250-1254)
Frederick III Sokolik (1254-1263)
Frederick IV (1263-1291)
Henry VII (1291-1310)
Frederick V (1310-1312)
Manfred I (1312-1325)
Beatrice (1325-1333)
House of Albon
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Philip II (1333-1354)
James I (1354-1360)
Frederick VI (1360-1389)
Frederick VII (1389-1417)
James II (1417-1439)
Manfred II (1439-1458)
Frederick VIII (1458-1462)
Frederick IX (1462)
House of Savoy
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Frederick X (1462-1500)
House of Savoy-Luxembourg
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Charles I (1500-1531)
Frederick XI Maria (1531-1540)
Francis I (1540-1587)
Frederick XII (1587-1602)
Frederick XIII (1602-1629)
Charles II Frederick (1629-1661)
Thomas I (1661-1673)
Marie (1673-1684)
House of Verdon
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Thomas II (1684-1700)
Frederick XIV (1700-1732)
Charles III (1732-1759)
Charles IV (1759-1790)
Frederick XV (1790-1826)
Charles V (1826-1829)

Arles is conquered by del Olmo during the course of the Iberian Revolution and incorporated into the Savonese Republic until its break-up in 1834.

House of Verdon (Restoration)
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Charles V (1834-1839)
Emanuele (1839-1856)
Philip III (1856-1872)
Isabella (1872-1900)
House of Pinerolo
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Philip IV (1900-1941)
Paul (1941-1974)
Francis II (1974-1998)
Frederick XVI (1998-)

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