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List of Kings of Kingdom of Albania (EEC)

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Wilhelm, (26 Mar 1876, d. 18 Apr 1945) Prince of Wied was offered the crown of the Principality of Albania by the "Great Powers of Europe" 21 February 1914. He assumed the throne and ruled until his death in 1945, interrupted by the First World War. He was succeeded by his son Karl Victor. Karl Victor left no issue and the throne devolved on the nearest male relative in the House of Wied. Since 2000, the King of Albania is also the head of the House of Wied. In 2000, Alexander, unmarried and the eldest son of Friedrich, renounced his rights. Carl (assuming the dynastic title Friedrich II) is married, with issue.

Kings of Albania

Wilhelm 1914-1945

Karl 1945-1973

Friedrich 1973-2000

Friedrich II 2000-

Predecessor: Friedrich II Wied (EEC) Successor:
Friedrich (1973-2000) Friedrich II

King of Albania

Maximillian (Heir apparent)
Friedrich (1973-2000)

Prince of Wied

Maximillian (Heir apparent)

Chief of House of Wied-Neuwied

Maximillian (Heir presumptive)

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