A list of Hunnic Kings of Italy who ruled over the remains of the Roman Empire during the early-Medieval Period as Rex Romanorum (Kings of the Romans).

Portrait Name Lifetime Succession Reign
Visigothic Coinage Oebarsius c.1167 - c.1224 Deposed the Roman Emperor Octavian Remus and declared himself Rex Romanorum (King of the Romans). c.June 1207 - c.1224
Ostrogothic Gold Coinage Octarian c.1175 - c.1248 Chief magistrate under Oebarsius; appointed heir in 1220. c.1224 - c.1248
Justinian II Coinage Ellacarius I c.1206 - c.1255 Distant relative to Octarian; declared himself heir with popular support following his predecessor's death. c.1248 - c.1255
Heraclius Coinage Ellacarius II c.1225 - c.1265 The "head consul" under Ellacarius I, his son-in-law and appointed heir after 1254. c.1255 - c.1265
Phocas Coinage Ellacarius III c.1202 - c.1268 Uncle to Elacarius II; seized his nephew's throne following his death. c.1265 - c.1268
Tiberius II Ellacarius IV c.1240 - c.1271 Son of Elacarius III. c.1268 - c.1271
Tremissis of Constans II Mundzuc c.1217 - c.1271 "Second consul" under the Ellacarian dynasty; seized power from Ellacarius IV during the Visigothic War. c.1271

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