King of Italy
Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Italy (1890)
Coat of arms
Style His Majesty
Formation 1860
Final holder Ongoing

Pre-London Pact

Post-London Pact

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Victor Emmanuel III
29 July 1900 -
28 December 1947
Vitorioemanuel  11 November 1869 Elena of Montenegro
five children
28 December 1947
Umberto II
28 December 1947 -
18 March 1983
Umberto II  15 September 1904 Maria José of Belgium
four children
18 March 1983
Victor Emmanuel IV
18 March 1983 -
Vittorio Emanuele 1964  12 February 1937 Marina Ricolfi-Doria
one child

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