Bohemia-Hungary in 1530.

Coat of Arms of Hungary and Bohemia

Coat of Arms of Hungary and Bohemia

This is a list of kings who ruled the Kingdoms of Bohemia and Hungary in the Tudor Line Timeline. This later became known as the Personal Union of Hungary and Bohemia.

Previous king can be found here:



Reign Relation to previous Queen Consort
Jagellon Louis II and I 1516 - 1543 Son of Vladislav II and II Mary of Spain
Casimir I and I 1543 - 1581 Son of Louis II and I Agnes of Poland
Wenzel II and V 1581 - 1587 Son of Casimir I and I Joan of Denmark
Bela VI and I 1587 - 1638 Son of Wenzel II and V Elizabeth of Prussia
In making ...

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