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List of Kings of France (Lithuanian Russia)

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Portrait Name Dates of reign Dynasty Notes
FrançoisI(1515-1547) François I 1515-1547 Valois–Angoulême
HenriII(1547-1559) Henri II 1547-1559
FrançoisII(1559-1560) François II 1559-1560
Charles IX(1560-1574) Charles IX 1560-1574
FD'ALE~1 François III 1574-1613
Henri III (1614- 1624) Henri III 1614-1624
Charles Х of Lorraine(1624-1675) Charles X 1624-1675 Lorraine
Charles XI (1675-1690) Charles XI 1675-1690
CharlesXII(1690-1729) Charles XII 1690-1729
CharlesXIII(1729-1773) - копия Charles XIII 1729-1773
FrançoisIV(1773-1790) François IV 1773-1790
Henri IV(-1824) Henri IV 1790-1824
FrançoisV(1824-1846) François V 1824-1846
LouisXIII(1846-1883) Louis XIII 1846-1883
LouisXIV(1883-1896) Louis XIV 1883-1896
CharlesXIV(1896-1906) Charles XIV 1896-1906
LouisXV(1906-1952) Louis XV 1906-1952
HenriV(1952-1973) Henri V 1952-1973
LouisXVI(1973-2009) Louis XVI 1973-2009
FrançoisVI(2009-) François VI since 2009

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