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List of kings of France (Chaos)
Name Reign Comment
Valois kings of France
Philippe IV "the Fair" 1285-1314 Defeated the Knights Templar, evicted the Jews from France
Louis X 1314-17 could be the historical one, or maybe not
Jean I 1317-55 Deposed by his wife Isabelle, died 1376
Jean II 1355-77
Louis XI 1377-80 younger brother of Jean II
Philippe V 1370-1420 younger brother of Jean II and Louis XI
Charles IV 1420-50 Ended the second Aquitainian War to fight the Great Napolitan War instead, but was captured in battle
Louis XII 1450-55 had his mad brother Philippe killed, but was deposed for this
Charles V 1455-88 Reconquered Aquitaine in the third Aquitainian War
Charles VI 1488-1506
Charles VII 1506-10
Charles VIII 1510-56 first under his uncle, François the Regent. Also Roman king Karl VI and Carles of Aragon.
Charles IX 1556-83 Also Roman king Karl VII
François I 1583-86 Also Roman king Franz II and Francesc I of Aragon.
Berry kings of France
François II 1586/87
François III 1587-1605 Also shortly Francesc II of Aragon.
François IV 1605-81 The "Sun King". Also Roman king Franz III, and ruler of Luxemburg and Flanders by sake of conquest.
François V 1681-92 Reign overshadowed by the anti-French War
François VI 1692-1740 Rebuilt the country
Philippe VI 1740-43
Angoulême king(s) of France
Charles X 1743-49
Rule of the General Estates 1749-63
Declaration of the republic

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