This is the list of kings at the centre of the Tudor Line timeline, they ruled the Kingdoms of England and Ireland. Formerly the Personal Union of England and Ireland it broke up when Frith-Béarla declared the Kingdom of Éire.

England and Ireland


Reign Relation to previous Consort
Henry VIII 1509 - 1542 Son of Herny VII Catherine of Aragon
Henry IX 1542 - 1573 Son of Henry VIII Maria of Portugal
Arthur I 1573 - 1576 Son Henry IX Elizabeth of Palatine
Edward VI 1576 - 1602 Son of Henry IX Anne of Scotland
Robert I 1602 - 1619 Son of Edward VI Joanna of Spain
Henry X 1619 - 1650 Son of Robert I Juliana of Orange
Elizabeth I 1650 - 1678 Daughter of Henry X Alfonso VI of Portugal
Edward VII 1678 - 1711 Son of Elizabeth I


Name Reign Relation to previous Queen Consort
Phelim I 1584 - 1585 New Title

Manus O'Donell

1585 - 1587

Very Distant

High Duke of Dublin

Name Reign Relation to previous High Duchess
Jenico Preston 1545 - 1563 Replaced Viscount Gormanston title Catherine Fitzgerald
Christopher Preston 1563 - 1601 Son of Jenico Preston

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