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List of Kings of Dertosa (Acta Est Fabula)

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This list include all the kings of the Frankish Kingdom of Dertosa, which is situated in Hispania. The kingdom was created in 426 after the Western Roman Emperor Flavius II, who promised lands to his Frankish mercenaries, failed to invade the Alans and was forced to give lands from the Empire to them.

Engilberting Dynasty

Name Birth-Death Reign Note
Engilbert 393-14 February 451 29 March 426-14 February 451
  • Was given the Kingdom following the defeat of Flavius II.
Childebert 428-16 April 458 14 February 451-17 March 451
  • First and oldest son of Engilbert.
  • First reign.
  • Went to live in Exile in Roman Hispania.
Munderic 437-

06 December 455

17 Marc 451-23 March 452
  • Third and youngest son of Engilbert.
  • First reign.
Childebert 428-16 April 458 23 March 452-14 August 453
  • Second reign.
Agilbert 432-07 October 457 14 August 453-30 May 455
  • Second son of Engilbert.
Munderic 437-

06 December 455

30 May 455-06 December 455
  • Second reign.
  • Died executed by the Alans.
Childebert 428-16 April 458 10 December 455-16 April 458
  • Third reign.
Ingalbert January 453-476 16 April-10 May 458
  • Son of Childebert.
  • Was deposed when the Alans annexed his Kingdom.
  • Went living in exile with the Franks in Gaul.
  • Died at the battle of Parigi against Syagrius and the Romans.

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