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List of Kings of Castille (Chaos)

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List of kings of Castille (Chaos)
Name Reign Comment
Burgundy kings of Castille
Alfonso X 1252-84 nicknamed "the Learned"; also Roman king
Sancho IV 1284-95 nicknamed "the Brave"
Fernando IV 1295-1312
Alfonso XI 1312-59 seems not to be the historical one
Juan I 1359/60
Pedro I 1360-1405 came to power with English help
Pedro II 1405-18
Pedro III 1418-35 had Morocco conquered
Pedro IV 1435-97
English Plantagenet kings
Eduardo I 1497-1549 formed the Quadruple Monarchy
Eduardo II 1549-55
Enrique V 1555-82
Enrique VI 1582-1620
Enrique VII 1620-28
The Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal falls apart, Spain becomes independent

1628-34: Civil War

For development in the time between: See Kings of Spain

Reconquest by New Rome, new kingdom of Castille proclaimed, Monteleón dynasty returns

Juan II 1875-87
Alfonso XIII 1887-1919
Juan III 1919-29
Conquest by the Socialist Block, end of monarchy

Claimant kings in exile in New Albion

(Juan III) (1929-39)
(Alfonso XIV) (1939-93)

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