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Twice in history, England and Scotland were united under one crown. First, during 1487-1547; and second, since 1694, when England conquered Scotland in the anti-French War.

List of kings of Britain (Chaos)
Name Reign Comment
Plantagenet kings of England and Scotland
Richard IV 1487-89 Conquered Scotland, united the crowns
Richard V 1489-92
Edward V 1492-1547 Lost Scotland to Alasdair IV after the Great Occidental War in the peace of Barcelona
Stafford kings of Britain
Humphrey III 1694-1766
Humphrey IV 1766/67
Humphrey V 1767-1825 Dragged the country into the French Republican Wars
Philip 1825-38 Toppled and killed in the Second English Civil War
Declaration of the republic

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