King of Albania
Coat of arms of Albania
Coat of Arms
Albania-Leka II
Leka II

Style: His Majesty
Heir apparent: Skender Zogu (1st Cousin)
First monarch: Zog I
Formation: 1946
Reigning house: Zogu

The King of Albania is the official head of state of Albania.


When Albania was part of the Balkan Union, the governor of Albania, Ahmet Muhtar Zogolli, was forced to flee when Italian troops invaded. In 1945, he returned as part of the London Pact liberation of the Balkans. With the aid of royalist and democrat factions, the London Pact liberated the capital of Tirana. In order to escape the grasp of Russia, which was about to conquer the rest of the Balkan Union, Zogolli declared Albania was independent, and to create an alliance between the royalists and the democrats, Zogolli was declared King Zog I, and ruled alongside a democratic parliament.

List of Kings

Ruler Image Dynasty Reign Began Reign Ended
Zog I Ahmet-Zogu-1895---1961 Zogu 1946 November 3, 1957
Leka I Albania-Leka I Zogu November 3, 1957 November 30, 2011
Leka II Albania-Leka II Zogu November 30, 2011 Present Day

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