List of Kings and Queens of Sweden (Chaos)
Name Reign Comment
Bjälbo kings of Sweden
Birger I Magnusson 1290-1319
Magnus II Eriksson 1319-71 Also king of Norway. Not sure whether he is the historical one. Conquered Skane (South Sweden) from Denmark.
Erik XIII Magnusson 1371-92
Birger II Eriksson 1392-1432
Erik XIV Birgersson 1432-62
Birger III Eriksson 1462-94 Conquered Jämtland
Erik XV Birgersson 1494-1504 Deposed. Had no heir.
Regents of the Bonde dynasty
Knut Karlsson 1504-20
Schauenburg kings of Sweden and Denmark
Heinrich / Henrik 1520-41
Interregnum 1541-44, then Regents of the Sture dynasty
Gustav I 1544-52
Gustav II 1552-62
Sten 1562-67 had to resign in favor of Alasdair IV of Scotland; died 1598
Bruce kings of Sweden
Alexander 1567-88
Kristian 1588-95 Deposed
Obodrite kings and queens of Sweden and Mecklenburg
Albrecht / Albert 1595-1600
Erich / Erik XVI 1600-36
Erich / Erik XVII 1636-72 Founded the Baltic League
Christine / Kristina I 1672-94 Brought together the anti-French coalition
Obodrite queens of Sweden, Norway and Mecklenburg
Christine / Kristina I 1694-1713
Christine / Kristina II 1713
Wassenberg kings of Sweden, Norway, Mecklenburg and the Netherlands
Erich / Erik XVIII 1713-45 Democratized Sweden
Johann / Johan II 1745-84
Wassenberg kings of Sweden and Norway
Johann / Johan II 1784-93
Wassenberg kings of Sweden, Norway and Denmark
Johann / Johan II 1793-1814
Erich / Erik XIX 1814-23
Johann / Johan III 1823-79 Deposed and exiled, died 1890
Conquest by Germany, declaration of the Scandinavian Republic

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