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List of kings and queens of Norway (Chaos)
Name Reign Comment
Fairhair kings of Norway
Håkon V Magnusson 1285-1314
Swedish Bjälbo king(s) of Norway
Magnus VII Eriksson 1319-65 also Magnus II of Sweden
Scottish Bruce kings of Norway
David I 1365/66
Robert 1366-1405
David II 1405-39
David III 1439-54
David IV 1454-90 Had to flee to Norway after the English conquest of Scotland
David V 1490-1506 After his death, a nobles' republic was proclaimed.
Nobles' republic: 1506-23
Danish Schauenburg king(s) of Norway
Heinrich / Henrik 1523-41 Also king of Sweden
Nobles' republic: 1541-62
Scottish Bruce kings of Norway
Alexander 1562-88
Kristian I 1588-1628 Also became king of Scotland after his brother's death. Nicknamed "the Old". Dynasty died out with him.
Danish / Braunschweiger Welf kings and queens of Norway
Ernst 1628-34
Margarethe 1634-44
Kristian II 1644-65
Kristian III 1665-94 Lost the country to Sweden after the anti-French War in the peace of Amsterdam
Swedish Obodrite queens of Norway
Kristina I 1694-1713
Kristina II 1713
Dutch Wassenberg kings of Norway
Erik III 1713-45
Johan I 1745-1814 Also became king of Denmark
Erik IV 1814-23
Johan II 1823-79 deposed, died in 1890
Country conquered by Germany, declaration of the Scandinavian Republic

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