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List of Kings and Queens of Denmark (Chaos)
Name Reign Comment
Waldemar kings of Denmark
Christoffer II 1320-26
Heinrich / Henrik I 1326-30
Christoffer II 1330-32 second rule
Erik VII 1332-40
Henrik II 1340-95
Harald IV 1395-1417 Discovered Atlantis
Erik VIII 1417-20
Schauenburg kings of Denmark
Gerhard / Gert I 1420-30 Made himself Danish king. Also duke of Holstein, king of the Netherlands and Roman king of the HRE.
Heinrich / Henrik III 1430-72
Heinrich / Henrik IV 1472-86
Heinrich / Henrik V 1486-1515
Heinrich / Henrik VI 1515-41 also king of Norway and Sweden. Nationalized the church's property.
Gerhard / Gert II 1541 toppled for complete madness
Danish Civil War 1541-55
Bruce kings of Denmark
Alexander 1555-88 Also king of Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Poland and the HRE
Kristian I 1588-1628 Lost Sweden and parts of Norway in the first Nordic War
Welf kings and queen(s) of Denmark and Braunschweig
Ernst 1628-34
Margarethe 1634-44
Kristian II 1644-65
Kristian III 1665-1709 Lost Norway in the anti-French War / second Nordic War
Kristian IV 1709-15
Kristian V 1715-88 Dragged the country into the French Republican Wars
(Regency of king Stanislaw III of Poland 1788-93/94)
Wassenberg kings of Sweden, Norway and Denmark (and the Netherlands)
Johann / Johan II 1793-1814
Erik XIX 1814-23
Johann / Johan III 1823-79
Conquest by Germany, declaration of the Scandinavian Republic

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