House of Normandy

William I (William the Conqueror) 1066-1087 - Beginning of gradual conquest of South Wales

William II 1087-1100

Henry I 1100-1135

House of Blois

Stephen 1135-1154

The Angevin Dynasty

Henry II 1154-1189

Richard I 1189-1199

John 1199-1216

Henry III 1216-1272

Edward I 1272-1307 - Statute of Rhuddlan; Formal Conquest of Wales to the English Crown

Edward II 1307-1327

Edward III 1327-1377

Richard II 1377-1399

House of Lancaster (Cadet Branch of Angevin Dynasty)

Henry IV 1399-1413 - 1st War of Welsh Independence. Creation of the Principality of Wales, the English Crown Territory of Wales (West Wales) and the Marcha Salopia (Shropshire Neutral Territory)

Henry V 1413-1422

Henry VI (1st time) 1422-1461

House of York (Cadet Branch of Angevin Dynasty)

Edward IV (1st time) 1461-1470

Restoration of House of Lancaster

Henry VI (2nd time) 1470-1471

House of York (Restored)

Edward IV (2nd time) 1471-1483 - Last English king formally recognised as feudal overlord of the Welsh kingdom

Edward V 1483 - Not recognised by Welsh State

Richard III 1483-1485 - Recognised as king but not overlord

House of Tudor (Amalgmation of Lancaster & York families by descendant of Welsh exile)

Henry VII 1485-1509 - Recognised as fellow king of equal standing

Henry VIII 1509-1547

Henry IX 1547-1553

Mary I 1553-1558 - Known as period of Three Queens (Also the 1st Catholic Peace)

Elizabeth 1558-1601 - Known as period of Three Queens

House of Stuart - Royal House of Scotland

James VI & I 1601-1625 - Alliance between the House of Stuart and the House of Deheubarth

Charles I 1625-1649

Anglo-Scottish Interregnum

English Council of State 1649-1653 - Not recognised by the Welsh State

Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the English Commonwealth 1653-1659 - Recognised as Lord Protector

Richard Cromwell, Lord Protector of the English Commonwealth 1659-1660 - Recognised as Lord Protector

House of Stuart (Restored)

Charles II 1660-1685

James VII & II 1685-1701 (de jure) 1685-1688 (de facto) - Reign known in Wales as the 2nd Catholic Peace. Was continued to be recognised as king following the ursption of William & Mary

James VIII & III 1701-1766 - Continued to be recognised by the Welsh State in Exile

Charles III 1766-1788 - Recognised as king of the United Kingdom in exile by Welsh State

Henry X 1788-1807 - Recognised as king of the United Kingdom in exile until the Treaty of Shrewsbury 1796

William III & Mary II De Facto Monarchs of the Kingdom - 1688-1702

Anne 1702- 1714 - During her reign Dafydd V claimed the English throne and her death brought about the attempt by Dafydd to claim it

House of Hanover

George I 1714-1727 - Conqueror of Wales and the first Emperor of the British Isles

George II 1727-1760 2nd Emperor of the British Isles

George III 1760-1820 3rd Emperor of the British Isles - Recognised as king of the United Kingdom from 1796

George IV 1820-1830

William IV 1830-1837

House of Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha

Victoria 1837-1901

Edward VI 1901-1910

House of Windsor

George V 1910-1936 - Reign which saw Wales fight on behalf of Ireland in the Irish Wars of Independence

Edward VII 1936-1974 - Reign saw the Great War of 1939-45

Charles III 1974-2008 Abdicated due to ill health (Recognised as Charles IV by the Welsh State)

William V 2008-Present

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