This is the Title given to the Roman emperors and rulers of Italy after the Fall of Constantinople in 675.

Flavian-Mauritian Dynasty

Lucius Mauritius Flavius --- Libertator Romanae (645 - 697): Ruler of  the Roman Empire since 675 until his death in 697. He is the reason, that the Papacy, Italy and Dalmatia, he is also the known for his campaigns in Mauretania to impose Roman control over Africa before any attempt could be made by the Muslims to take over Carthage. He is the commander that led the Roman campaigns in Dalmatia and he is the commander that led the battle of Sirmium that was in the end the main reason for the Muslims to end the war with them and to stop their expansion towards Europe. He is the first Roman emperor.

  • Achievements: Secure Italy, Dalmatia and the papacy for the future, take over Mauretania and secure Rome's position in the western Mediterranean, re-establish a Rome centered Roman Empire for the first time Since 476 when Romulus Augustulas was taken the title of ruler of Rome.

Marcus Arcadius Flavius Mauritius --- Libertator Venetiae, Arcadius I (679 - 742): He's the first emperor to rule over Italy and the first one face Muslim threats in the West, he faces the threat of the Emirate of Al-maghrib, he also is the first one to assert relations with Francia and the Spanish Coalition. He asserted his rule over Italy after only 15 when he defeated the Lombards in northern Italy and took over most of the Southern Lombard states.he is the first Western ruler to contact the Slavic nations in the northern Balkans and to ask them to join christianism,he's ruling is from 697 to 742 year of his death.

  •  Achievements: assert relations with the Western nations such as Francia or the Franks and the Hispanian Empire or Spanish Coalition.,Contact the Slavs in the Balkans and expel the Emirate of Al-Maghrib from  Roman North Africa.

Iulius Antonius Maximus Flavius --- Necator Maghribiensis, Iulius I (705 - 786): he's the first leader of the Roman Empire to really set foot in Hispania under the excuse of a military campaign as in 760 aiding the Hispanian empire to fight against the Emirate of Ishbiliyya, he also began to assert ruling on the North African Berber tribes  and begin the campaigns at Mauretania magna, and begin sponsoring travellers and bishops to convert the Berbers from the coast of the African desert. During his reign the Bulgars become Christian and invaded the regions of Thrace and Moesia. He's also the first one to begin a crusade-like campaign although focused mainly on Anatolia, as he wanted to first establish an outpost in Anatolia to later make a direct attack on Palestine. He died in Rome after 81 years of life and 44 of rule. He also began the exodus of the Greeks and the Greek settlement on North Africa (OTL Algeria).

  • Achievements: first Roman to achieve a military defeat on Islamic heartland such as Anatolia,and first Roman to sponsor extra-African travels. He's also the first emperor and European leader to start a crusade or campaign mainly religious impulsed against the islamic nations successfully. First Pope to grant some ruling of the Papacy on Italy.

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