This is a list of Holy Roman Emperor or simply ruler of the Romans, they were and elected office by the pope.

Pre-Premyslid Bohemia

Name Reign Relation
Otto I 962 - 973 New Office
Otto II 967 - 983 Son of Otto II
Otto III 996 - 1002 Son of Otto III
Henry II 1002 - 1024 Great Grandson of Otto I
Conrad II 1027 - 1039 2x Great Grandson of Otto I
Henry III 1046 - 1056 Son of Conrad II
Henry IV 1084 - 1105 Son of Henry III
Henry V 1111 - 1125 Son of Henry IV
Lothair III 1133 - 1137 9x Great Grandson of Otto I
Frederick I 1155 - 1190 Great Grandson of Henry IV
Henry VI 1191 - 1197 Son of Frederick I
Otto IV 1209 - 1215 Great Grandson of Lothair III
Frederick II 1220 - 1250 Son of Henry VI

Premyslid Bohemia

Name Reign Relation
Henry VII 1312 - 1313 6th Cousin 11 Times Removed of Otto I
Louis IV 1313 - Will be added 6x Great Grandson of Lothair III
Will be added

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