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This page lists all emperors of the Holy Roman Empire in the Knightfall timeline.

List of emperors

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This list includes all emperors of the Holy Roman Empire within the timeframe of the events of Knightfall.

Staufen (or Hohenstaufen) dynasty

# Image Name Life Election Coronation Ceased to be Emperor Descent from Emperor Arms
Frederick II and eagle
Frederick II 26 December 1194
13 December 1250
1215 re-election
22 November 1220 13 December 1250 son of Emperor Henry VI
Armoiries empereurs Hohenstaufen

House of Luxembourg

# Image Name Life Election Coronation Ceased to be emperor Descent from emperor Arms
Henry VII 1275/1279
24 August 1313
1308 29 June 1312 24 August 1313 13th generation descendant of Emperor Louis III
Armoiries Henri VII de Luxembourg