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List of Heads of State of the United American Republic (1983: Doomsday)

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The following is a List of Heads of State of the United American Republic.


Name Portrait Period Party Notes
Reynaldo Bignone Bignone July 1, 1982 - March 1984 None Military Coup
Transitional Council
of the UAR
Junta Interina Argentina 1984 March 1984 - July 1984
Raúl Alfonsín Alfonsin Presidente 1984 - 1989 First democratic president
Carlos Saul Menem Carlos menem 1989 - 1993
Eduardo Duhalde Eduardo Duhalde 1993 - 1997
Tabaré Vázquez Tabaré Vasquez 1997 - 2005
Mauricio Macri Macri Mauricio 2005 - 2013
Luis Alberto Lacalle Luisalbertolacalle 2013 - Current

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