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List of Heads of State (Reign of Roosevelt)

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This is a list of Heads of State of the currently existing nations in the Reign of Roosevelt timeline.

The United Kingdom

The current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

He is of the Conservative Party. Churchill came to power when he led a Vote of No Confidence against then-Prime Minister Horace Wilson and then proceeded to become Prime Minister himself after Wilson was deposed. His Premiership came as a surprise, since the two PMs preceding him were both Conservative, and Labour Party leader Clement Atlee was expected to become the PM.

Former Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom

Neville Chamberlain: Chamberlain became Prime Minister following Stanley Baldwin's resignation in 1937.

Horace Wilson: Chamberlain fell ill and resigned in 1939 and nominated Wilson as his successor. However, Wilson was voted out in 1940 and succeeded by Winston Churchill.

Führers of Germany

Heinrich Himmler is the current Führer of Germany,

Heinrich Himmler, Führer of Germany

having succeeded Adolf Hitler, the first Führer and the most famous German man of his time. Himmler has proved to be a more brutal leader than Hitler and became famous among the Nazi Inner Circle when he fired Erwin Rommell from the Army.

Previous Führers of Germany

Adolf Hitler: Hitler was expected by many to conquer the known world and bring the Germans to victory. However, he was killed in an air raid in Frankfurt while giving a speech. Himmler had the local government of Frankfurt executed under the charges that they had failed to realize that the air raid sirens in the city were dysfunctional. Later examinations showed that the siren did work and that the city's government were planning a coup and wired the Allies to air raid the city and jammed the sirens.

President of the United States

Main Article: Presidents of the United States

The current President is Franklin D. Roosevelt wh
FDR in 1933

FDR, incumbent US President

o was elected first in 1932, defeating incumbent Hamilton Fish III, and then again in 1936. He ran for, and won, a non-precedented third term in 1940.

Former Presidents of the United States

Main Article: Presidents of the United States

There has been a total of 34 Presidents before Roosevelt. The POD President was Theodore Roosevelt, the 28th President. Starting with him, all Presidents preceding FDR were Progressive.

  • Theodore Roosevelt 1913-1921
  • Warren G. Harding 1921-1923
  • J. Calvin Cooldige 1923-1929
  • Herbert C. Hoover 1929-1930
  • Charles C. Curtis 1930-1931
  • Hamilton Fish III 1931-1933

Vice President of the United States

The current Vice President is Henry A. Wallace, FDR's third Vice President. He suceeded Joseph Taylor Robinson upon his assassination.

Former Vice Presidents of the United States

  • Hiram Johnson (Theodore Roosevelt)
  • J. Calvin Coolidge (Warren G. Harding)
  • Charles G. Dawes (Calvin Coolidge)
  • Charles Curtis (Herbert Hoover)
  • John J. Blaine (Hamilton Fish III)
  • John N. Garner (Franklin D. Roosevelt)
  • Joseph T. Robinson (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

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