King of Guanabara
Rei da Guanabara
Royal Standard of the King
Giovanni II
since 20 April 1998

Style: His Majesty (name), by the grace of God and the will of the nation, King of Guanabara and defender of the constitution
Heir apparent: Marco Vittorio Francesco Emmanuele Polo
First monarch: Marco I
Formation: 24 March 1823
Residence: Royal Palace, Guanabara City

The head of state of Guanabara, also called the monarch, is the living representation of the government and people of Guanabara. For most of the country existence, it has been a hereditary, lifelong position, with little to no power in political affairs. During the dictatorship, the President held a power similar to that of the King, although the ones that eventually entered office interfered with the politics of the nation.

Powers and duties

  • Appoint and dismiss the Premier;
  • Choosing the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice;
  • Dissolve the Chamber of Deputies and call for new elections;
  • Dissolve the full Parliament, and call for new elections;

Most of these powers aren't used at the iniciative of the King, rather, it is used at the advise of the Prime Minister and/or the Parliament.


When Guanabara was under a republican regime, the head of state was called president. Despite having the same powers than the King, some differences happened, like how do they reach office.

  • Presidential elections took place every 4 years, with popular vote electing;
  • If a president died in office or resigned, the Prime Minister assumed until a new one was elected, there isn't a vice president or a earlier presidential election;
  • Only citizens of age higher than 45 could run for office, and they need to apply at the Election Office, under the control of the Prime Minister.

List of heads of state

Portrait Name Rule started Rule ended Notes
HouseofPolo(GB-GONN) King of Guanabara (1823-1918)
Antônio de Sousa Lobo - Retrato do Imperador D. Pedro II Marco I 24 March 1823 11 July 1847 Invited to rule by the Provisional Guanabarean Congress
Pedro Américo - D. Pedro I Giovanni I 11 July 1847 14 July 1884 Son of Marco I
Pedro V, King of Portugal - Winterhalter 1854 Marco II 14 July 1884 19 January 1885 Son of Giovanni I. Was murdered before the coronation
D. Luís I - escola portuguesa Francesco I 19 January 1885 23 January 1913 Brother of Marco II
Manuel II of Portugal Marco III 23 January 1913 1 June 1918 Son of Francesco I. Deposed by a coup
GuanabaraRepCoA(GONN) President of Guanabara (1918-1958)
Almirante Eduardo Wandenkolk Eduardo Wandenkolk 1 June 1918 1 June 1926 First president. Reelected once.
L'amiral de Mello, commandant la flotte devant Rio-de-Janeiro Custódio José de Melo 1 June 1926 1 June 1930 

Elected in a tight campaign. Showed wishes to dismiss Getulio Vargas and failed to receive approval from the Election Office to run for reelection

(8)PresidentGuanabara2(GoNN) Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca 1 June 1930 4 July 1949 Elected with support of Getulio Vargas. Died in office
17 - Getúlio Dorneles Vargas 1951 altered Getulio Dornelles Vargas 4 July 1949 1 June 1950 Interim president until a new elected one could assume
(9)PresidentGuanabara3(GoNN) Floriano Vieira Peixoto 1 June 1950 30 March 1958 Resigned after the União Nacional lost power in the parliament
Barao do Amazonas Francisco III Manuel Barroso, Marquis of Paraguai 30 March 1958 24 March 1960 Acted as interim president, officially calling himself as regent, until a referendum on the monarchy was held
HouseofPolo(GB-GONN) King of Guanabara (1960- )
Enzo Peri 2013.04.19 (edit black and white) Francesco II 24 March 1960 20 April 1998 Grandson of Marco III
JulioMoura(editado)2010 Giovanni II 20 April 1998 Incumbent Son of Francesco II

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