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List of Great Generals of Mezhiko (Russian America Expansion)

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Great General is term created on October 8, 1905 after the military coup in Yavukia. The leaders of Yavukia, Mezhiko, Central America, New Granada, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, and North Caribbean use the term. The Great General also hand picks the President on 3-6 year intervals. The Great General holds all of the power in the above countries that use the term.

Name Took Office Left Office Political Party
Camerino Valdez May 13, 1907 January 23, 1914 Mexican Freedom Party
Luis Valdez January 23, 1914 November 8, 1946 Mexican Freedom Party
Francisco Valdez November 8, 1946 Devember 6, 1961 Mexican Freedom Party
Raul Valdez December 6, 1961 August 17, 1962 Mexican Freedom Party
Rafael Valdez August 17, 1962 Incumbent

Mexican Freedom Party

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